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Profiling Cutter Features
- Mar 08, 2016 -

Shaped cutter with a circular cutting edge may be all or part of the circle cutter with a cutting edge, there are circular blade cutter and ball milling. Profiling cutter circular blade, this change makes profiling cutter with a variety of advantages, most of which can be said to benefit small knife back to eat the amount of high-feed circular blade cutter.

Ball-type cutter and blades

Circular cutter blade profile has the following advantages:

(1) circular blade cutting edge strength no sharp corners, can withstand greater tool deflection and vibration, allowing processing to improve speed, increase feed, while reducing the risk of chipping.

(2) the number of cutting edges and more cutting edges have more available, there may be 4-8 times the effective translocation. This can save tool change time, improve processing efficiency, thus improving its economy.

(3) at high cutting machine does not require high power, the circular blade has a high metal removal rate, and high strength can be achieved because the blade larger than the right angle cutter feed rate.

(4) the use of high precision rough surface circular blade roughing after the relatively flat and can easily be semi-finished, some time, even directly finishing.

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