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How To Safely Operate CNC Lathes
- Mar 08, 2016 -

Main machine to the workpiece rotation main motion, turning movement of the feed rotary motion processing surface turning machine. Can also be used drills, reamers, reamers, taps, dies and tools knurled corresponding processing. Mainly used for machining shaft, disc and sleeve, and other artifacts have a surface of revolution, machinery manufacturing and repair facility is the most widely used of a class of machine tools. It can be used for a variety of machine tools rotary forming surface. It can be used for processing a variety of rotary forming surface, which is a metal-cutting machine tools most widely used, the longest production history, most varieties of a machine tool. So how safe machine operation it?

(1) Before operating the machine worker operating the machine, be sure to wear protective articles.

(2) Machine Workers must be familiar with the role of each button and handling precautions must be turned on the machine protection door before processing. Machine tools should be placed around the neat, easy to take place, improve work efficiency.

(3) When using the machine, prohibit wearing gloves, the machine should be noted that the various parts of the warning signs warning content. When the machine is powered state, the operator do not open and there is a lightning bolt symbol shown on the contact of the machine, equipped with a strong electric device parts, to avoid being electrical injury. When it thunders, do not open the machine. Because of the instantaneous high voltage and high current when lightning prone to bump the machine, causing burn module change or loss of data, resulting in unnecessary losses.

(4) tool clamping is completed, the trial should be manually cut.

(5) during operation of the machine, do not remove the chip, to avoid hand contact with moving parts of the machine.

(6) When removing chips, to use certain tools, hands and feet to avoid being cut chips.

(7) when measuring the workpiece, the machine must be stopped in the state.

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