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The rotary shaft is mounted and parameter settings
- Mar 08, 2016 -

The axis of rotation on the table to put positive, while two platen clamping;

Cross wrench turning left and right with adjustable clamping size and elastic material;

Large hexagonal screw with a hex wrench turning left and right of the figure below, you can adjust the length of the material before and after the move;

Then spend a head clamping material sandwiched page, the other end with an iron spire live Materials Center

Fixed material, turn on the power switch, move the spindle of the knife, the tip of the intermediate cylindrical material;

Connect the power plug

Open rotary shaft switch (vacuum cleaner switch)

After turning Weihong control system, hold down Shift + Ctrl + Alt, double-click "processing parameters (T)",

After the parameter input, turn off Weihong control system and re-opens, enter the machining path, set up processing speed, air-way speed, Z axis under the knife speed, spindle speed ratio, feed rate ratio, set workpiece datum, then press Start key engraving material on it.

The axis of rotation of the pulse equivalent calculated pulse equivalent on page :( if inappropriate, according to the following formula)

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